Terrain Tamer

Terrain Tamer's conception came from the demand for a range of 4WD parts and accessories that would excel in the extreme conditions of the Australian outback. Terrain Tamer is the 4WD brand of an Australian Automotive company first formed in 1969.

To deliver on such a promise of quality, it was decided from the beginning, that each product would be thoroughly researched, designed and tested using the Terrain Tamer industry experience. Only with this background could the range become the superior, trusted brand in the market.

With every Terrain Tamer product that has been introduced to the market, there has been the same proven rigorous attention to detail, tested in the toughest Australian outback environments.

As demand grew so did the need for instant supply. Warehouse locations have been strategically placed to best serve the customer's needs. Terrain Tamer customers are able to take full advantage of our expert team of 'parts interpreters' in each warehouse.

With this Terrain Tamer connection, you can be assured your 4WD journey will be an enjoyable one. 


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